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Our town is prettier, more organised, and far more harmonious than if men were in charge."When problems or disputes arise, we resolve them in a woman's way, trying to find consensus rather than conflict."We share everything, even the land we work on.

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However, the women, who are renowned in the region as being strikingly beautiful, are now prepared to relax the rules so that single members of the community can find a husband.

Sons are sent away at the age of 18, and no other men are allowed to live full-time in the town, which is located in a remote valley.

The settlement dates back to the 1890s, when a young woman and her family were excommunicated from the Catholic church after she was accused of adultery when she left a man she had been forced to marry.

Noiva do Cordeiro in south east Brazil is home to 600 women, mainly aged between 20 and 35.

While some are married, their husbands are forced to work away from home and can only return on weekends.

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